Project description

How fintech affects the financial sector and what the effects are on collective bargaining in the European financial sector

Running from April 2020 till June 2022 this EU-funded research project (VS/2020/0113) aims to shed light on the labour relations currently existing in the Fintech part of the finance sector. We set out to provide an overview of how the finance sector is changing and to propose ways in which trade unions could start to engage with Fintechs and their workers.

Our Vision

Adopting a curious and openminded approach, the project partners envisioned this project as a fact-finding mission, looking at labour relations and working conditions in the Fintech companies of the finance sector in Europe. The results of this research is meant to inform a wide range of stakeholders, spanning from trade unions, to legislators, to the Fintech companies themselves and the finance sector as a whole.

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