Copenhagen, Radisson Blu Scandinavia


Funded by the European Commission through project (VS/2020/0113)
Event partners:
UNI Europa Finance, Nordic Financial Unions and University of Gothenburg

Opening Remarks by Morten Clausen, UNI Europa Finance
Presentation of project report by Bertil Rolandsson, Gothenburg University


Panel 1 – Discussion of national aspects of project report


  • Anna Ilsøe, Copenhagen University
  • Jaan Masso, University of Tartu
  • Bengt Larsson, Gothenburg University
  • Paul Suilen, FNV

Panel 2 – Social partners reflections on the project report and exploration of related initiatives


  • Massimo Mensi, UNI Global Union
  • Oliver Hauser, Ver.di
  • Simon Schou, Copenhagen Fintech
  • Paolo Guidici, University of Pavia

Moderated by:
Trine Pernille Larsen,Copenhagen University

Panel 3 – Skills and talent, how to develop them and retain them


  • Diederik Bruggink ESBG
  • Renata Włoch, University of Warsaw
  • Petru Dandea, European Economic and Social Committee
  • Arne Fredrik Håstein, Finansforbundet Norway
  • Maurice Jongmans, Payment Innovator

Moderated by:
Simon Jernberg, Nordic Financial Unions

Panel 4 – The way forward, how the fintech sector will be organised in the future


  • Ella Sjödin, Finansförbundet
  • Louise Grabo, Swedish Fintech Association
  • Peter Kerstens, DG FISMA, European Commission
  • Morten Holm Bundgaard, The Danish employers’ association fort he financial sector (FA)

Moderated by:
Carin Hallerström, Secretary General, Nordic Financial Unions

Topics include but are not limited to the impact of Fintech on the European finance sector, the role of trade unions in organizing the Fintech work force and ensuring decent working conditions in the sector, how upskilling and life-long-learning could help to alleviate the shortage of IT skilled labour, and what the future of the finance sector will look like.